Vladimir Stankovic, graphic designer

vlad1Vladimir Stankovic lives in Odense, Dinamark. He studied graphic design at Faculty Arts in Nis, Serbia. His inspiration comes from science, nature, fantasy, fairy tales and all sorts of mysteries.

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How was your first approach to drawing?

My first approach was very early, as soon as I could hold a pencil I guess. I know that many of my parents’ books were ‘decorated’ by my doodles of animals and funny characters.


Do you think that it is better to learn in a school or by your own?

Either way you need to have some sort of background and work hard on your art and skills. Of course, you learn many of the techniques in school, but if the person is determined he/she can always get better at any kind of art on their own, so it’s all about hard work!

¿Do you have any favourite artist?

I have many favorite artists from different epochs and eras, from painters, illustrators to film makers – Leonardo Da Vinci, Botticelli, Frida Kahlo, Joan Miró, Dali, David Lynch, Stephen and Timothy Quay etc. Also, my work is inspired by the peculiar world of vintage books, so I’m a big fan of pretty much every artist who worked on illustrating the plates of all those great encyclopedias and scriptures.



Your illustrations look as you imagine or even better?

It really depends on the theme and the time I have to dedicate to the project. Sometimes I’m surprised by the results and very happy with them, other times I’m not sure at all. For example, I have doubts about the contrast, the colors or the composition and then I work on the illustration until I feel it’s better or sometimes I just let it the way it is.



Would you like to write a book and illustrate it? I will buy it for sure! 

I have done something similar for a student project several years ago, it was a book in a shape of a 3d box and each side had a poem I wrote and illustrated, it turned out kind of nice but I’m not that good at writing… It would be interesting to do something like that and get it published, so you never know!



How would you define your art? 

Hmm, If I had to define it I would say it is whimsical and detailed.

Would you like to talk with one of your drawing? Which one would you choose for that conversation?

That’s a great question! I’m not sure what kind of a conversation would that be, but I would like to be ‘present’ in some of the scenes I drew and ask the characters ‘what’s going on here’? For example, I would love to walk onto the illustration ‘Welcoming the Omniscient Ones’ and take part, if they would allow me to, of course ;).


Your works have an unmistakable style, how did you make it possible?

It came spontaneously, I tried out a lot of techniques, styles and materials during my high school and academic days, so it just fell into pieces later. I was always drawn to the details of everything around me, especially nature – plants, insects, etc. So, the way I observe and see things just ‘transferred’ into the way I create.


Which advice would you give it to young artists?

The one I always give when asked this question – work hard and don’t give up. Sounds like a cliche but it works and it takes some time and patience, but if one really wants something and does everything to achieve it, the results will surely come!




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