Wyanne Thompson, artist


She was born in Atlanta Georgia. She‘s been a full time artist since 1997. Her collection was exposed all over the world. In 2013 she was diagnosed with oral cancer, it was a shock for her and her family, because she has a healthy life. After that she underwent major surgery to remove her entire tongue, radiation and chemotherapy treatment. Throughout the process she learned a lot and fortunately for paint doesn’t need to talk. She currently teaches online and focuses on her new projects.

Visit her website. You can buy her paintings at Etsy.

Hi Wyanne, thank you for your time!! For me it means a lot. Are you Ready?  

I am ready! Thanks!

When did you start painting? 

I started around the age of 13.  I was adopted as a baby, and overheard that my biological mother was an artist. So, I decided I wanted to be like her.  My adopted parents were not supportive of my pursuit to be an artist so it was originally a form of rebellion, but later I discovered I had a natural talent for it.  In my late twenties, I actually met my biological mother and she really is an artist.



When you are creating, which part takes the longest? 

For me, the actual hands on creating takes the longest.  I am constantly testing and mastering my skills.  I have learned over the years not to get too attached to the way I want a painting to turn out.  So, I don’t spend a lot of time «thinking» about how it should look before hand.  I get a general idea in my head and just go for it!  And most of the time it turns out better than I could have originally imagined in my head.

Did you learn by yourself or in a class?  

Both.  I attended college and did post graduate studies in art.  But, I think my best education is just from doing.  That is where I learn the most.  I try to make it a practice to spend at least 15 minutes a day painting, no matter what is on my schedule.  Most days are 8-12 hours in the studio working though


Free to be

In your opinion, what is art? 

That’s a hard question.  Art is completely subjective to everything…one’s personal tastes, emotions, etc. For me, art is passion and energy.  That is what I look for in art.

How would you define your art? 

I hope it’s seen as happy, colorful and always evolving.



The great escape

Why are we often seeing girls and animals in your paintings? 

Girls and animals usually are representative of certain people or emotions in my life. There’s sometimes a personal, behind the scenes, foundation story to a painting.  It’s not my desire for the viewer to know that story…I’d rather they find they’re own personal story within the work.

Where do you go for inspiration? 

Anywhere…outside my studio or away from the computer…works for me. It doesn’t take much to spark inspiration for me.  And once the slightest spark hits, I run with it.


The survivor

If you were asked to pick from the painting you have, which one(s) would be your favourite(s)?

It changes constantly.  

Usually, it’s whatever I’m working on currently. Some favorites are The Great Escape, Gentle Leader, The Survivor, Paul and Free to Be.


Gentle Leader

You are a survivor and an inspiration for many of us, which message would you give to people who are fighting with disease or difficult times?  

I have learned that the best thing to do is to keep moving, and never give up.  No matter how small the movement… make the effort.  A week and a half after my major surgery to remove the cancer, I was attempting to paint in my hospital bed.  Granted, I couldn’t paint anything more than blobs of color on the page.  But, I enjoyed watching the paint hit the paper and color it.  My kids thought my hospital room was rather drab, so they decorated it with my artwork and an unfinished painting (later named «The Survivor) from my studio.  Seeing it everyday made me want to get better and get on with my life.  I knew I had a lot more paintings to finish!


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